Our Staff

Counselor and campers at servicesAuthor: Bradley Solmsen

I conducted some informal research over the first couple days of camp.

I asked every camper I ran into what the best part of camp was so far. What was the most common answer?

“My counselors!”

It was great to hear. I had a sense during our staff orientation that we had an especially strong staff this summer. During our Supervisor’s orientation we talked about how important the staff is in terms of the experience our campers have.

We went one step further and explained to our senior staff something that many veteran camp professionals know from experience: If you hire great staff, invest in their training and then nurture and support them throughout the summer, the campers will have an outstanding experience. The more camp is a program for the staff, too, the better the experience the kids will have.

Another dimension is our staff diversity.  We have staff who are here at SLC for the first time, who bring fresh perspective and energy, and we have staff who grew up at SLC as campers who ensure that SLC traditions are strong and creative. Our staff comes from more than 12 states and 12 countries, and we love that they have the chance to share their different cultures and perspectives with our campers – it enriches our community deeply. Our staff is finishing high school, studying in college, they are teachers, professionals, parents – yet they all share something in common; they love camp, and they are passionate about working with our campers. Our staff members strive to ensure that the campers are healthy, safe, trying new things, making new friends, growing, and most important of all, having fun.

As I walk around camp each day – I see it everywhere I look: counselors mentoring, laughing, helping, joking, cheering, teaching, coaching, and guiding our kids, which truly makes me smile.

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