Monthly Archives: August 2016

Farm Friday: Harvest Time

Let’s make that, best harvest time. In truth, we start harvesting as soon as the buses arrive at the end of June.  The farm is designed to provide us with fresh fruit and vegetables to enjoy every day of camp and for post-camp programs like Get Your Feet Wet, Family Camping Weekend, Rosh Hashanah, and Sukkot. […]

Post Visiting Day Reflection

The thing I like best about Visiting Day is that beautiful moment of reunification, when a child and parent see each other and literally leap into each other’s arms. The other supervisors and I sit at that table on Lakeside and our own eyes well with tears at the sight.  It was very nice meeting […]

Farm Friday: Cooperative Learning

One of the first things we tell campers when they come to the farm is that this is a teaching farm, and all of us are teachers. “It’s important that we all share our knowledge and experience, our ideas, theories, personal philosophy, and imagination,” I tell them.  “This is how we learn.” It works very well.  […]