Farm Friday: A Midsummer’s Day Dream

We are about halfway through the season and the most interesting thing about the farm is how different it is from last year.  The protracted heat–so many days in the 90’s–is making a clear difference, impacting some crops for the better and others, not so much.  Our strawberries seem to ripen every few minutes, yet, we have no summer squash, just flowers.  The grapes are loving the heat except for a few that are already raisins.  Our afternoon groups are also wilting and it’s all we can do to keep them hydrated.  (Drinking lots of water has become mandatory.)

Yet, the campers are cool with all this.  They are excited that our corn is pollinating three weeks earlier than last year.  Our carrots, if frequently watered, are simply amazing. and the heat, which causes us to sit in the shade and have longer discussions about a range of ecological issues, is just fine with them.

I am astounded by the things kids say about food justice, community supported agriculture, organic farming, and their awareness of global issues like climate change, accessible drinking water, and the community farms they have in their neighborhoods and schools.  At a time when I am so distressed by nearly half the adults in this nation and their blatant disregard for people, justice, equality, and compassion for all, the children give me pause and help me to believe that the future is secure in their in their hands.

Thank g-d for all they teach me every day.

Until next week, Stay Dirty.

Farmer Alan


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