Monthly Archives: July 2016

An Evening With Mountainview Boys

We have had a magnificent start to second session and there is much to talk about. It is always nice to meet new campers and get reacquainted with those from last summer. The first thing one of the boys asked when he saw me was if there was going to be a story tonight, and another […]

Farm Friday: A Midsummer’s Day Dream

We are about halfway through the season and the most interesting thing about the farm is how different it is from last year.  The protracted heat–so many days in the 90’s–is making a clear difference, impacting some crops for the better and others, not so much.  Our strawberries seem to ripen every few minutes, yet, we […]

Farm Friday: Recipes!

Last Sunday’s first session visiting day drew a large crowd to the farm.  The two things I heard most often from parents grandparents were: The farm is beautiful and Can we have your recipes for pickles and eggplant salad? So, as promised . . .  Ivy’s Famous Eggplant Salad Ingredients One large eggplant (or two small […]

Farm Friday: Boy, It’s Hot!

Since camp started, we have had an unusual number of really hot and humid days. The average temp for this time of year is either side of 82 degrees.  We have had several days around 90 or above. WOW! Does this affect the farm and our 400 plus farmers?  Most certainly.  Our veggies, trees, and […]

July 12

So much has been going on today at SLC! Mountainview Boys and Girls had a special activity today: gymnastics.  They also have a pool party planned for later.  Idyllwood had a hike with Whammy and Journey’s Way and Highlands had Cupcake Wars with Jenn.  Upper Teens and Work Program went on a trip to Rye […]

Farm Friday: Tzedakah

“Tzedakah” is the Hebrew word for acts of charity or righteous giving.  In English: giving aid, assistance, and money to the poor and needy or to other worthy causes. However, the nature of Tzedakah is very different from the idea of charity. The word “charity” suggests benevolence and generosity, a magnanimous act by the wealthy […]

July 6 & 7

Yesterday was an amazing and hot day at SLC! Timberline and Boulder Hill left camp and had a blast at Lake Compounce Amusement Park.  Cedarwood went on a hike to Bull Hill with Whammy, and Idyllwood had Fitness with their supervisor, Jamie.  Also, Work Program began working on their community service project.  At night, all of […]