Monthly Archives: June 2016

Farm Friday: SUMMER’S HERE!

WOW! I heard it on the news, and in an email from the Farmer’s Almanac, so it must be true. Summer is officially here. If further proof is needed, Camp is positively teeming with people–new staff, cheering and singing and settling in–and the Surprise Lake Camp Farm is absolutely gorgeous and good to go.  (Holy […]

Farm Friday: Growing Global Citizens

Over the course of the summer, we do a great many things on the farm.  We plant, and weed, and harvest, and eat; we do a lot of singing and dancing, and goofing around; we make mud, and pickles, and hunt bugs, and run through sprinklers. We also spend a lot of time talking about important […]

Farm Friday: Yay! It’s June!

It has always been my favorite time of the year. As a kid, June signaled the end of school, playing outside after dinner, stickball in the street until darkness fell, then catching fireflies in jars.  June is also the time you begin to hear the whispered calls from Camp, steadily growing to a beckoning overture that […]