Monthly Archives: July 2015

Farm Friday: A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, a large group of people were placed on a space ship for a multi-year journey across the universe.  The ship contained all the air, water, food, plants, animals, and other essential supplies they would need to travel indefinitely . . . as long as they employed common sense and unselfish management […]

Merrylane Weekly Update

Greetings from Merrylane! We are so excited to welcome friends new and old for second session! We have a fabulous first week scheduled. Friday night we are leading services on the beach; our theme is love and the girls have enjoyed discussing what love means to them. Cardio kickball will be a blast Friday afternoon, […]

Frontier Weekly Update

Trip 2 has begun and our new Frontier campers have arrived and settled nicely into camp.  The boys will be learning the values of being independent, supporting the others they live with, working through issues that may arise, and developing strong communication and teamwork skills that will help them develop a strong, unified community.  The […]

Journey’s Way Weekly Update

Greetings from SLC!  This past week at camp has been crazy busy!  Last Thursday we had a big sister/little sister scavenger huhnt with Boulder Hill (13 year olds on Teenside) followed by our final Shabbat of first session.  We had another beautiful Shabbat at camp and ended it with an all camp Tisha B’av service […]

Idyllwood Weekly Update

Greetings from Idyllwood! Second session is upon us and though the summer is a month old, the fun is just beginning.  We have a unit of returning Idyllwood campers, boys moving up from Mountainview, and a handful of new boys that are being shown the ropes by our staff and former campers. Today was great […]

Arrival Day! (Part 2)

Greetings from Surprise Lake Camp! Today we start all over again!  Session 2 campers are almost all here.  New groups of kids have met their new counselors.  Kids from first session are welcoming some second session kids into their home for the past month.  The staff is thrilled to be meeting and getting to know […]

Mazel Tov to Mr. & Mrs. Bear!

Every once in a while I hear about something really special happening at Surprise Lake Camp.  Last night I was hanging out with Emily, the Highlands supervisor, while she was cleaning her bunk.  She told me about a wonderful event that happenend in Highlands this week that I felt instantly compelled to share with the […]