Monthly Archives: June 2015

Farm Friday: Roy G. Biv

Brought to you in Living Color, the Surprise Lake Camp Farm is bursting out all over in every brilliant hue from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and just about every shade in between. From the bright yellow flowers of our cucumbers, nicely complimented by the paler yellow of our tomato blossoms–to […]

Farm Friday: Jewish Food?

I don’t think so. People often ask me if the Seven Species of fruits and grains referred to in the Torah (and grown on our farm) are prime examples of Jewish food.  To me, this is a matter of silly semantics, and my answer is No.  There is no such thing as Jewish food, any […]

Farm Friday: They Came, They Saw…

What a fabulous week on the farm! It began last Sunday when Supervisors and Specialists toured the vineyard, fruit orchard, and fenced garden. We were all very proud to show off the results of our hard work.  Much of the credit goes to Ivy, Gene and his crew, and David Vogel, the hardest working man […]

Farm Friday: Wowie Zowie!

The farm is incredible! Flowers are blooming and the vegetables are growing faster than a twelve year-old at summer camp.  With help from David Vogel and other early-arriving staff, we now have raised beds filled with tomatoes, peppers, squash, corn, eggplant, asparagus, and strawberries, with more veggies on the way. The grape arbor was completed […]