Monthly Archives: May 2015

Farm Friday: Greetings from the Fruited Plain

It’s been a busy few weeks on the farm.  After some much needed rain, the fence around the vegetable garden was finally completed and the beds are being prepared for planting.  In the vineyard, locust posts for the grape arbor were set in the ground just as our Concord grapevines flowered and began their climb to […]

Farm Friday: Life On The Farm

It’s been another great week on the Surprise lake Camp farm.  The fence is up around the vegetable garden, flowers are blooming, our vegetables are ready to go in the ground, and construction has begun on the grape arbor. Spring comes a couple of weeks later up here than it does down in town; our […]

Farm Friday: The Magic of Spring

What a glorious week it has been—temperatures in the high 70s and more color than you can shake a broken shovel at.  The majestic hills that frame the lake have gone from a lifeless brown to a vibrant green that has all but eliminated the Bald Spot.  Our grape vines have pretty pink buds that […]

Farm Friday: Big Doings at the SLC Farm

It’s been a busy week on the farm.  Warmer weather has allowed us to move many of our seedlings outside to “harden” against the wind and nighttime low temperatures.  Some of these flowers and vegetables will be going in the ground next week. Our fruit trees have survived delivery and planting.  We’re looking forward to […]