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We Made It To The Poughkeepsie Journal!

We Made It To The Poughkeepsie Journal!

The Science of Seinfeld: Top 7 Life Lessons

7 lessons about everything from the show about nothing. Published on December 11, 2011 by Sam Sommers in Science Of Small Talk I saw this and I just had to laugh!  Thought I would share it with all of you. I’ve long believed that those of us who make a living studying human nature should […]

Clarence Clemons Eulogy via Rolling Stone Magazine and Bruce

This blog is totally unrelated to Surprise Lake Camp except in the context of I am sitting at my desk listening to Bruce, while I work on great programming for the summer of 2012.  I started to think about Clarence (perhaps because the live version of 10th Avenue Freezout was playing) and I remembered over […]

Better Things

Here is wishing you the bluest skies Hoping something better comes tomorrow Hoping all the verses rhyme The very best of choruses too Follow all the doubt and sadness I know that better things are on their way Here is hoping all the days ahead Won’t be as bitter as the ones behind you Be […]

What is Camp?

I guess this is a silly question…I mean camp is fun and games….a chance to be a kid in this age of technology. What is camp…easy…it is a place where kids interact “face to face” and learn about themselves and others while sitting around a campfire, or on Baldspot with Whammy. Camp is a place […]

100 Things Your Kids May Never Know About (GeekDad Wayback Machine) by Nathan Barry

There are some things in this world that will never be forgotten, this week’s 42nd anniversary of the moon landing for one. But Moore’s Law and our ever-increasing quest for simpler, smaller, faster and better widgets and thingamabobs will always ensure that some of the technology we grew up with will not be passed down […]