Monthly Archives: May 2010

We are GIVING money away……

There are 40 days until camp starts and if you have not registered yet, we have limited spots available for sessions 1 & 2!  Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible offer. Welcome to Surprise Lake Camp! For over 100 years, children like yours have been experiencing the wonders of a summer […]

Let There Be Camp!

Only six weeks until camp starts, and here is the update on camper registration: We’re almost all set and ready to go for Session 1. There’s a waiting list for girls in all age groups and only a few places left for boys on Mainside. If you know a family who hasn’t yet made summer […]

Let there be Fish!

With only 51 days until the campers appear, I find myself thinking about Fish!  Not the kind that swim….but the kind that I give out throughout the summer.  When I started at Surprise Lake Camp, I did an orientation session for staff based on the Fish Philosophy. There are a million principles, and I thought […]

Open a new window…….

Jerry Herman wrote this catchy little tune….Happens to be from my favorite movie…yes its campy…not in the “campy” way but in the “campy way”  Think about it… a movie that focuses on eccentric Mame Dennis, whose madcap life is disrupted when her deceased brother’s son Patrick is entrusted to her care. Rather than bow to […]

Waiting on a sunny day…..

Many times I sit down to blog and then I turn on the ipod looking for inspiration, not this week!.  Today I have been singing  Springsteen’s “Waiting on a Sunny Day” all day.  Bon Jovi has had a plug here as have many others and today it the Boss’s turn. It reminds me of camp…yes, I know everything reminds […]

A rose by any other name….

would smell as sweet.  Really…Romeo and Juliet….what does it mean?    What matters is what something is, not what it is called….at least that is my take on it.  My ramble today has nothing to do with Romeo an Juliet, but perhaps it has to do with a rose.  Roses are beautiful…different colors symbolize different things…. […]