Monthly Archives: October 2009

S’more than you know!

Every week I find myself sitting here wondering what to write about….seems like this should be easy…happiest place on earth….just blog about camp…what it means to all of us….but most importantly what it means to the kids!  The camp is experience is unique, especially in resident camp.  I never understood what everyone was talking about […]

Survey says…..

Someone once told me that often inspiration comes in the form of a deadline….he was correct!  Here it is Friday again and I am wondering what to write about. It is freezing outside, Perhaps I am not the one to determine the cold as I am always cold but we got some snow at camp […]

Summer Camp–noun a camp, esp. one for children during the summer, providing facilities for sleeping and eating, and usually for handicrafts, sports, etc. Really is that the definition?  A place that provides facilities for sleeping and eating. Handicrafts , sports etc. I think we all know that camp is far more than that. It is […]

Randy’s Final Post

Hi There SLC’ers! I write this blog entry with mixed emotions.  This will be my last entry on the SLC blog and my last day as the SLC Program Director.  It has been an exciting year and I have enjoyed being a part of the SLC family.  I will always remember the summer of 2009 […]